gta-5-patchTo say that GTA 5 is a huge success is not too far off from the truth. The game has already set 7 Guinness world records in the process along the way, and earned truckloads of money for Rockstar Games, too. Having been in stores for a month already, it has ended up as the most successful video game launch of all time, although there were some bumps along the way. Some gamers are happy completing the title once or twice, while others are more ambitious than that. This particular group would prefer to play the game for all that it is worth, looking all over the place for Rockstar Games’ signature Easter eggs.

So far, gaming site IGN did list 29 of such Easter eggs, secrets and pop culture references on GTA 5. Needless to say, the first GTA 5 Easter egg listed was a reference to Grove Street, which happens to be the main setting of GTA: San Andreas as well as the street where its protagonist, Carl “C.J.” Johnson actually grew up in. As for pop culture references, there are plenty in GTA 5, where one of them actually paid tribute to the Thelma and Louise ending, as a couple of ladies flew off a cliff in their convertible as they were making their way from the cops in the evening.

Have you enjoyed your GTA 5 experience so far?

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