minecraft171Every decent game needs an update once in a while as long as it remains popular among gamers, as updates would bring about more stability, bug fixes, as well as the possibility of prolonging the life of the game. Well, Minecraft has been pretty big for quite some time now, and tomorrow, we will see the release of what has been dubbed to be an “update that changed the world”. I guess you might want to get some sleep tonight before October 25th rolls around, since whether you have enough shuteye or not, the update will still be rolling out, so you might as well do so.

The Minecraft 1.7.1 update has been specially described by developer Jeb to be “The Update that Changed the World.” The whole reason behind that dramatic sounding title has been attributed to the fact that the patch’s main change would affect how worlds are generated. While world generation will remain as the main focus of the patch, there will be additional content thrown into the mix too, including a ton of new blocks, additions to Fishing, and changes to maps, while meta changes dealing with achievements, multiplayer, resource packs and chat are also part of the deal. Of course, don’t forget that there will be plenty of bug fixes making their way, too!

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