Google recently announced that it has made some changes to its Terms of Service, the changes go in effect on November 11th. One major change is that unless users opt out, Google is allowed to use their photo and Google Account name in ads. Users are free to opt out from the Shared Endorsements menu in their Google Account settings. Despite being given this option, a lot of people have vented their disapproval for this new policy. Some have even gone as far that they have replaced their profile pictures on Google+ with that of Eric Schmidt, Google’s executive chairman.

This is clearly being done in protest of these changes, and while the movement has gathered some steam, it hasn’t reached such astronomical levels that would irk Google to even consider revoking these proposed changes. The idea behind this movement is that if any of these profiles show up in ads, instead of the user’s picture, the ad will display Eric Schmidt’s instead. As previously mentioned, a knee jerk reaction of this sort is unlikely to force Google into making changes into its new Terms of Service. Both Google and Schmidt are yet to comment on this movement, though its highly likely that they’re both unfazed by it.

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