This weekend was a pretty big one for Nintendo as not only did they release Pokemon X & Y at a record-breaking pace, but they also released a new handheld called the Nintendo 2DS. We were able to get some hands-on time with the Nintendo 2DS this past weekend at New York Comic Con, and after playing around with the handheld, we are certainly curious to see what makes the device tick. We would have busted open a 2DS at New York Comic Con, but we’re happy we didn’t as Rose Colored Gaming has gone ahead and taken apart the handheld.

One of the surprising design choices Nintendo made for the Nintendo 2DS is the fact that its dual LCD screens is comprised of just one large LCD. This is certainly interesting considering the 3DS has always been made with two separate LCDs for its dual screens. We’re not sure why Nintendo would go with this method for the Nintendo 2DS, but we’re certainly interested in learning not only why they did it, but also how they made a single LCD panel display two separate images at a time. If we had to make an educated guess, it’d certainly be witchcraft and/or voodoo.

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