outlook-annIt goes without saying that any kind of app worth its salt deserves to receive updates from time to time, and Microsoft’s Outlook.com is one of them – especially when you use it on a platform such as Googles’s Android mobile operating system. In fact, we have received word that Microsoft has recently updated their Outlook app for Android with a slew of new features, where some of them have been features that users have been clamoring after for quite some time already. Looks like this is a classic case of the company listening to what its customers have to say, and then fulfilling such demand. Among the improvements include server-side search, which means you will no longer be limited to the emails that are stored locally on your device.

In the past, without server-side search, most folks would have just downloaded the length and breadth of their email account onto their device, but with this feature in tow, one will no longer need to do so. Pretty cool, don’t you think so? Apart from that, you are now able to set a vacation responder from the app, just in case you headed off from the office without doing so. Last but not least, there are also 11 color choices to pick from when it comes to personalizing your inbox. [Press Release]

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