A couple of days back we reported that Apple had acknowledged that a limited number of iPhone 5s devices were suffering from battery related issues due to a manufacturing defect. The issue might cause reduced battery life, longer charge time or even failure to charge at all. The company confirmed that it would be providing replacement phones to those affected by the issue, and the folks at 9to5Mac claim to have heard exactly how this process is going to be carried out.

Apparently Apple will call up customers who have an iPhone 5s unit that falls within the affected serial numbers to offer them a replacement. If a customer believes that their unit suffers from the same issue but haven’t received a call, they can call AppleCare which will check the system to see if the unit’s serial number matches those with the manufacturing defect. If not, AppleCare is told to troubleshoot as per normal procedure. Those eligible for a replacement will be given a Genius Bar appointment or the AppleCare advisor will organize a replacement at their local reseller. Eligible customers may also have the option to have a replacement unit shipped at their home, and Apple is said to provide material for return shipping. Apple hasn’t revealed exactly how many iPhone 5s units out there are affected by this defect. If you’re one of these customers, just remember to backup your iPhone prior to handing it over.

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