raspberry-pi-sold-outAssuming you happen to be a Raspberry Pi owner, here is some bit of news that you might be interested in. After all, we have already seen a fair amount of creative uses of the Raspberry Pi in various situations, and for those of you who have always had the mind to make use of the device’s camera board when it comes to low light or night time photography, then it goes without saying that you will need to be involved in a fair amount of delicate tinkering, considering how the unit’s IR (infrared) filter was firmly attached.

Until now, that is. The good people over at Raspberry Pi have announced that they will debut the Pi NoIR, an infrared camera board which was specially designed with low light situations in mind. The NoIR bit stands for “no infrared,” which happens to be a reference to the nonexistent IR filter. In the past , the supplier of the current camera package did not make available an infrared option, but a fair number of users, wildlife photographers included, have already put in their respective requests for the ability to make use of their Raspberry Pis in a wider array of situations, hence the move to come up with the Raspberry Pi NoIR. Slated for a November launch, we have yet to hear of a concrete release date, so stay tuned! [Press Release]

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