southkoreaphonesWhile Android’s market share might be bigger than iOS, in terms of brand, there are instances where Apple’s market share beats out some of the Android competition, but over  in South Korea it looks like Apple is definitely getting beat, and quite badly. According to numbers released by mobile analytics firm, Flurry, their report has suggested that over in South Korea, Samsung’s dominance is pretty strong and they are sitting at 60% of the market share, with Apple trailing very far behind at 14%, beaten by LG by a meager 1%, although they are higher than South Korean brand, Pantech.

Interestingly while this might be just one market, Flurry notes that this could be what other markets could look like in the future as more countries start to reach smartphone saturation. “As such, it provides a good early indicator of what other markets can expect once the rapid growth period the mobile market has experienced over the past few years ends.” However while Samsung clearly dominates in South Korea, Apple has them beat at least in terms of customer satisfaction, although it was a pretty close race and who knows what next year’s results could indicate? What do you guys think? Is Samsung’s home ground advantage expected, or did you expect Apple to put up a better fight?

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