If there’s one other thing that Samsung is known for, it would be their ability to put out great ads. The South Korean tech giant has recently released an ad for its smartwatch, the Samsung Galaxy Gear. The basically draws upon the numerous smartwatches that have made an appearance on film, television, and even cartoons, essentially likening their product to what’s been shown in the past, with the title reading, “A Long Time Coming”, as if to suggest that they were the ones who finally made fiction, a reality. It is admittedly a pretty clever ad although we’re not sure if it will be enough to convince consumers to purchase the device.

While the Galaxy Gear is a decent attempt by Samsung, some niggling issues have left many wondering if the device is more novel than functional. One of the drawbacks is its battery life which only lasts a day and no one really likes having to charge their watch on a daily basis, do they? The fact that the Galaxy Gear is not compatible with all devices out of the box is an issue as well, although Samsung is working on bringing more support for it in the future. In any case if you have a minute to spare, check out the Galaxy Gear ad in the video above.

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