samsung-logoWhile there are a multitude of options when it comes to choose an Android smartphone, such as going for a HTC device, a Motorola handset, an LG smartphone, or one of Sony’s Xperia lineups, it’s safe to say that Samsung is probably the biggest name in the market at the moment, but exactly how big are we talking about? Well according to Samsung executive vice president, David Eun, the South Korean tech giant is selling a staggering 1 million devices a day, which when added up equates to more than 350 million devices a year give or take a few. These devices are a combination of both the company’s smartphones as well as tablet products and now with Samsung entering a new product category with the Galaxy Gear, we expect that the numbers will slowly be increasing.

While Android does appear to be Samsung’s bread and butter, at least as far as mobile devices are concerned, the company is planning on launching Tizen devices in the near future, although at this point in time there is no word on when something like that will be happening. Will Samsung’s Tizen handsets eat into the sales of their Android products? Or will it appeal to a different market and actually add on to the numbers? We guess we will have to wait and see, but for now 1 million devices a day is pretty impressive nonetheless.

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