google-driveWhile HTC might not exactly be in the best place financially at the moment, it seems that they are still thinking about their Android customers and have announced that select HTC Android devices will be eligible for free 25GB-50GB Google Drive storage for the next two years, after which these users will have to pay to continue the subscription or be unable to add new files. For starters owners of the HTC One Max can look forward to 50GB of Google Drive storage, while select HTC Android smartphones from 2013 will be eligible for 25GB storage once HTC Sense 5+ becomes available, although it should be noted that the HTC One Developer Edition will be excluded from this promotion due to its unlocked bootloader (although we’re not sure why this should matter).

In any case for those wondering if your HTC device is eligible for the free storage, all you’d have to do is launch the preloaded Google Drive app on your HTC device. You should see a “Redeem” button and if you do, you have to press it and follow the on-screen instructions to redeem your free storage. This offer will be valid until January the 1st 2016, so don’t worry HTC users as you will have plenty of time to redeem it. The 2-year period will begin the moment you redeem the offer, so if you were to redeem it on the 1st of January 2016, it will be valid until 2018, and etc. More information on this offer can be found at Google’s website.

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