HTC-8XT-sprint8xWhile Sprint might have been late to the Windows Phone game with their HTC 8XT which was launched a few months ago, it seems that they are wasting no time when it comes to software updates for the device and have since started to push out the Windows Phone Update 3 to the HTC 8XT, at least that’s what the reports are saying and that’s what Sprint’s Support Site for the HTC 8XT has revealed as well. This is a pleasant surprise as the Windows Phone Update 3, for those unfamiliar, is also known as the GDR3 update which basically brings about several improvements to Windows Phone devices, such as Full HD 1080p screen support as well as quad-core processors.

The update won’t magically transform your HTC 8XT into a faster and larger device, but it will include improvements to it, such as streaming audio improvements, accessibility improvements, as well as other improvements brought about by the GDR3 update. If you haven’t been notified of the update just yet, fret not as we expect that the update will most likely be released in stages so as not to overload their servers, so if you don’t see it yet, you most probably will in the next few days. So, any HTC 8XT owners pleasantly surprised by this recent update?

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