Soon after Apple unveiled the new iPad Air and Retina iPad mini, various reports started making the rounds that Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak wasn’t impressed with the new tablets. He wasn’t present at the keynote like he usually is, Woz missed the event as he was on a plane to London. In an email interview with Gina Smith, Wozniak has clarified that he “never criticized the new iPads,” and that the British media he talked to spun his words to convey a whole different meaning. Woz says that the UK press is “the worst in the world for mischaracterizing what I say.” Gina Smith is actually the author of Woz’s memoir.

Wozniak further clarifies that he meant to tell the reporters that he wasn’t planning on rushing to get the new iPad since its doesn’t fulfill his personal needs. He says that he doesn’t buy every product upgrade that Apple releases, citing the example of the retina iPad released back in 2012. He said he upgraded when it became available in 128GB storage option earlier this year. Woz did say though that he has upgraded to the new MacBook Pro, which he ordered online, the new lineup that was announced alongside the new options. His previous statement had him hoping for a 256GB iPad, but that’s obviously his personal need, it shouldn’t have been skewed in a sense to make it seem like Apple co-founder didn’t like the company’s new tablet.

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