steve-wozniak-windows-phoneOne of Apple’s co-founders, Steve Wozniak, has never been afraid to speak his mind about Apple’s products and the products of other companies, and recently during an interview with The Australian Financial Review (via VentureBeat), Wozniak shared his opinion on Apple’s upcoming wearable the Apple Watch, as well as expressing his views and concerns about AI.

Starting with the Apple Watch, Wozniak believes that the device has potential and he likes the idea. However he does not seem to think that the more expensive Apple Watch Edition, which can retail for as much as $17,000, will not have too many customers. “If you buy the really high-priced ones, the jewelry ones, then you’re not buying a smartwatch that has a bunch of apps … Like a Rolex watch, you’re buying if for prestige and a label and a symbol of who you are.”

He also adds, “The fact is the difference between a $10,000 watch and a $17,000 watch is only the band, and for an engineer like me I don’t live in that world, that’s not my world.” Seems like a pretty sound statement which is also true since the core components of the watch remain the same regardless of which version you decide to buy.

Wozniak also spoke about the future of computing and AI and agreed with Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk, both of whom have shared their concerns about AI. “Like people including Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk have predicted, I agree that the future is scary and very bad for people. If we build these devices to take care of everything for us, eventually they’ll think faster than us and they’ll get rid of the slow humans to run companies more efficiently.” We have to wonder, with more prominent figures in the science and tech industry expressing their concern, should AI really be something we should be worried about?

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