Earlier this month Instagram confirmed that it would soon start running photo and video ads. It said that the ads would go live within a couple of months, initially for users in the U.S. who might get to see the “occasional ad” in their feed. Instagram has released a sample ad today which is going to be the first advertisement that users see in their feeds, Instagram says that this ad is going to be distributed in the “coming week.”

This particular advertisement is a one time ad that is being distributed so that users can get an idea of how ads will look and feel on Instagram. Ads will contain a “Sponsored” label where the timestamp is usually found, this stamp will accompany all paid photo and video advertisements. Tapping this label will educate users more on how ads work on Instagram. Running a test ad first would give users a feel of how posts from brands that they do not follow look like in their feeds, so they won’t be caught by surprise once Instagram opens up its ads to a select number of brands, ones that already have a solid following. The test ad will initially only be shown to users based in the U.S.

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