tdk-antishake-actuator[CEATEC 2013] Do you remember the sound effects in Quake 3, whenever someone hits two sweet rails in a succession? That would end up with the arena announcer saying, “Impressive!”, which is also another signal to the rest of the world that you have a mean mouse hand with the railgun. In order to be proficient with the railgun, you would definitely need a steady hand, and steady hands do come in handy as well whenever you want to capture a photo in low light conditions, or a decent video. While optical image stabilization technology in cameras have improved by leaps and bounds over the years, there is still room for improvement. Case in point, TDK’s Anti-Shake Actuator.

In the demonstration, TDK’s representatives showed just how this magnetic actuator is capable of stabilizing a shaking camera sensor, so much so that the result is extremely impressive. Just a single flick of the switch and the actuator turns off, making it look as though you were trying to capture a photo in the midst of an earthquake. The TDK representative did not divulge just which smartphone companies have already included this anti-shake actuator in their devices, but we do speculate that the LG G2 could very well be one of them.

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