Time Warner Cable hasn’t been having the greatest year with its customers as they stopped carrying CBS for around two months, resulting in the loss of 117,000 customers. 24,000 broadband customers also jumped shipped this year, although Time Warner Cable will be upping the speed of their Internet service as a way to entice customers to return as well as keep their current subscribers happy for putting up with the company’s shenanigans.

Time Warner Cable is announcing they’ll be doubling the speed of their Ultimate 50 customers in the Los Angeles area from 50Mbps to 100Mbps, with those in the New York City Area and Hawaii with the same package expected to receive this boost in speed by the end of 2013. This speed boost will come at no additional cost to its customers as Time Warner Cable expects to boost the speed of their Internet service to additional markets sometime in 2014.

Time Warner Cable is also replacing its Lite Internet tier with a 2Mbps offering, priced at $14.99 a month. The new offering will come at double the speed of TWC’s current Lite tier and will begin to be offered starting on November 4 in all of their markets. So if you’re a Lite Internet tier subscriber, expect to get a little boost in speed starting next week.

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