Video evidence can be a great thing if you’ve been falsely accused of something. Cop cars have dash cams that document their duties, but most police activity doesn’t happen in front of the dash cam. Sometimes HR representatives might be hit with a false complaint after just a simple employee performance evaluation. In such instances, video evidence would be vital to prove no wrongdoing. That’s where VIEVU Squared comes in. Its a small body worn camera capable of recording 720p HD video for 90 minutes aided by a waterproof high dynamic range microphone, the camera has been developed by a company that’s headed by a 15 year veteran of the Seattle Police Department. Obviously that’s not the only thing the Squared is good for, if you like to always be ready to document something on video, then you should definitely check this body worn camera out.


The Squared is a ruggedized, and waterproof, camera that’s fashioned out of military grade anodized aluminum. It is capable of streaming and storing real time video to a Wi-FI network or an iOS or Android device. The VIEVU app pairs the camera to a phone through which live video stream can be viewed and stored, it also has options to trim the video and add titles as well as filters. The Squared has a “one switch” design, its lens cover doubles as a power and video activation switch. So by just one movement, the user can turn the unit on and start recording. The VIEVU Squared is a crowdfunded project on Indiegogo seeking to raise $100,000 with only eight days left. The lowest you can contribute right now to get a unit is $250. Delivery is estimated to take place in October 2013.

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