windows81-rtmAh, Windows RT. I guess the whole idea of rolling out this particular version of Windows does not seem to look so smart any more, considering the number of Surface RT tablets that were left behind in the inventory (which is now simply known as the Surface tablet) because not too many people wanted to pick it up. Well, Microsoft has rolled out the Windows RT 8.1 update recently, only to pull it back because of some issues before re-releasing it to the masses. We have word from the Redmond company that the Windows RT 8.1 update will indeed do away with the default Desktop tile from the Start screen on devices, although if you so desire, you are able to place the tile back.

The whole idea of removing the Desktop tile is simple – Microsoft wants to make sure that RT users will remain within the confines of the Metro world. It makes sense actually, since it does not really make much of an impact to include the normal desktop on Windows RT in the first place. In fact, letting users access the desktop in Windows RT would just sow additional seeds of confusion, since many people would assume that this is a normal Windows machine, and would like to run similar programs that way, although Windows RT does not work that way.

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