iPad-Air-and-iPad-mini-640x528The Retina iPad mini is no doubt one of Apple’s more popular iPads, especially given that its crams a rather high resolution into a smaller display, giving it a pretty high pixel density that results in sharper images. Last we heard the tablet was facing backorders and was reportedly also facing supply constraints, apparently due to issues with the display. Whatever the case is, customers were not allowed to just walk into an Apple store to purchase the device, unless they had pre-ordered it online first.


Well the good news is that if you were thinking about getting a tablet, Apple has revealed that you are now able to walk into an Apple store and just purchase the device outright without having to pre-order it via Apple’s website first. The reason behind the previous restrictions was apparently due to supply concerns and worry that they might not be able to meet demand. While Apple’s online store states 5-10 day shipping estimates for WiFi models, an increase from 3-5 days, the loosening of these restrictions for walk-in customers would suggest that perhaps Apple has a handle on things, or are at least confident they have enough stock. However just to be safe, it would be advisable that customers check online for Personal Pickup options to avoid disappointment.

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