apple-maps-performanceThe other day we reported that Apple had confirmed that they had just closed a deal with Israeli-based tech company, PrimeSense, which saw Apple acquire the company for anywhere between $300-$350 million. It had been rumored that due to PrimeSense’s early involvement with the Microsoft Kinect sensor, at least the first-generation, that Apple could be looking at using the motion detecting technology and incorporate it into the company’s rumored iTV. However while that might be a possibility, new information has surfaced that has suggested Apple’s interest in PrimeSense might not necessarily be TV-related.


According to Jessica Lessin, her sources have informed her that PrimeSense’s motion-sensing technology is actually considered to be “a little bit behind” and that Microsoft does not actually use it in its Kinect. However what PrimeSense’s technology is more adept at doing is mapping, where companies such as Matterport uses its chips in its cameras for mapping three-dimensional spaces. When Apple first launched their Maps app, it was considered to be something of a disaster and there were numerous complaints about how it was inaccurate and how it lacked features when compared to the likes of Google Maps.

With this new information and if accurate, it looks like Apple is definitely taking its Maps development seriously and we could start seeing more features and functionality coming to the app in the future.

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