ps4-hrdware-large31Bad news Sony PlayStation 4 gamers, if you were hoping to get a replacement unit for your bricked console, you could be in for quite a wait. This is according to reports where some users have claimed that Sony informed them that they can only expect their replacement units sometime in February of next year, while Amazon has informed their customers that their replacement units might arrive in January, which is still a fair wait but we guess is still a bit better.

Despite the Sony PlayStation 4 going on to sell 1 million units in 24 hours, reports of the device bricking surfaced even before the console was officially released from those who got their hands on early copies of the console. Sony claimed that only a small percentage were affected and were looking into the issue, but it seems that now that the console has launched, we are starting to hear more about the now-dreaded “blue light of death”, whose pulsing glow is an indication of the console failing to startup properly.

We have also heard reports of login errors, adding to the list of issues early adopters are facing with their units. It does not bode well for Sony if this becomes a widespread issue and we can only hope Microsoft’s launch goes a lot smoother. In the meantime, any of our readers with PlayStation 4 consoles experience any of the issues mentioned above?

Update – It turns out that Sony has decided to offer expedited shipping for replacements for bricked console units, which we guess is a good thing. So fret not PS4 owners, if you have received a bricked console, you should expect a replacement pretty soon.

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