If you live in a major metropolitan city, you’ll know how important having designated areas for pedestrians to walk around is. Bridges are also equally as important as they certainly make it easier to travel from one side to another as showing up to work drenched from a river or lake is something none of us want. With that said, we’re not quite sure if this latest pedestrian bridge design is either genius or terrifying. 

NEXT Architects created this design for a pedestrian bridge that is expected to be built over the Dragon King Harbor River in Changsha, China. The 150-meter-long bridge was inspired by traditional Chinese knots as well as the Möbius strip as it stands a total of 24 meters tall. NEXT Architects’ design was recently selected in an international competition, and the construction of their bridge will begin in 2014.

The bridge is not only extremely imaginative, but it also provides crucial connection points along different planes along the harbor to allow pedestrians to access different areas within the water’s edge and the elevated hills. Let’s just hope there’s some great stuff going on wherever the bridge leads to as making a trip across it looks like it’ll be one heck of a walk.

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