coffee-grinder-brewerDon’t you just love a convergence device that is capable of doing just about everything that you want to, right from the beginning all the way to the very end? Take the smartphone for example – mobile phones in the past could only make and receive calls, before additional functionality was added such as text messaging, audio and video file playback, camera capability, video recording, surfing the Internet, the works! A coffee machine, however, has not seen such quantum leaps in advances, but Bonaverde Coffee Changers intends to change all of that with their spanking new Kickstarter project. This campaign is moving along nicely towards its goal, but what it does can be considered to be different from the regular coffee machines out there for the layperson. This one will be slightly larger than a standard grind and brew unit, but it has the ability to transform green beans into dark roast in a matter of minutes.


There is a stainless steel rotating roaster within which is capable of churning out a batch of beans each time, taking a few minutes to roast. After you let it cool down, you will then be able to grind those beans and basically drink that perfect cuppa of dream brew. Hopefully it will be able to ship out by the time October 2014 rolls around, where the minimum amount of contribution to be eligible for it would stand at $300 at the moment.

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