boomfIf you have been using smartphones and have internet, chances are you might have heard of Instagram, a popular photo sharing service/community where people from around the world gather to share photos of their food (amongst other things). While for the most part Instagram filters help to cover up bad photography and bad lighting/exposure, there are some pretty amazing photos out there and we have seen instances where one can even print their Instagram photo, and not just as a regular photo, but even in chocolate form as well! Well if you’re looking for more edible Instagram prints, Boomf is a company you might be interested in checking out.

Based in the UK, the company will basically print your Instagram photos for you but on marshmallows, meaning not only can you take a photo of your photo, but you can eat it as well, and then print that if you wanted! Boomf is currently charging about $19 for a box of nine marshmallows which is admittedly pretty pricey for candy, but hey if anything we think this makes for a great present or a great door gift for people coming to your birthday/wedding/etc. For more information just hit up Boomf’s website for the details! Now onto the question we never we’d ask, but are your photos as tasty as they look?

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