falloutpicIt was just last week that a mysterious website was launched called The Survivor 2299. Many had speculated that this could be a teaser website for an upcoming Fallout 4 announcement, and a recent Fallout 4 trademark registration in Europe only cemented the belief. In any case the website has since been updated with an audio clip that sounds a lot like morse code, which has since been decoded by the folks at Reddit as, “CQ CQ DE OZ PSE AS”. For those unfamiliar with morse code, this apparently translates to, “Calling any station, calling any station, calling any station, this is/from Oscar Zulu Please Stand by”.

We doubt that this makes any sense to regular folks since it seems very vague and does not specifically mention anything about Fallout, but bring in the Fallout fans and suddenly we might have something on our hands. Oscar Zulu is a radio station in an unmarked quest from Fallout 3, and that pretty much is the only connection we have for us right now. It has been speculated that there is a chance that the website along with the domain name could be fake and registered by someone else for the sake of a hoax, although admittedly it would be a pretty elaborate one. In any case it is expected that the game will be announced early December, if true, so be sure to check back with us then for the details.

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