60143Are you planning on picking up the iPad min with Retina display? We heard the device might have some image retention problems, and now according to a review by AnandTech, it has been discovered that while the iPad mini’s display might be sharper and have a higher pixel density compared to the iPad Air, it sacrifices a bit of color in the process. Based on their review, it has been found that the iPad mini with Retina display actually shows fewer colors compared to its larger sibling, the iPad Air, and this is definitely something worth taking into consideration if you were planning on getting the tablet.

Based on the tests conducted in the review, the color gamut (basically the range of colors that are displayed) of the iPad Air was actually wider than that of the iPad mini with Retina display. In fact their tests have gone on to show that the iPad mini’s color gamut was beaten out by the likes of the Nexus 7 and the Tegra Note 7. So what does this mean? The differences are somewhat noticeable, but only if you look hard enough, and unless color gamut is critical towards your purchase, then we suppose the iPad mini with Retina display should do just fine.

If you liked the previous iPad mini, then the Retina iPad mini is an improvement, but like we said it really boils down to personal preference, similar to how some people prefer the more saturated colors of AMOLED displays, while others might prefer a more “natural” look. What do you guys think? Has this discovery affected your decision to purchase the iPad mini with Retina display?

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