So we have seen how Atama’s Sesame fob allows users to lock and unlock their Mac computer wirelessly, and if you’re after a similar solution, here’s an alternative in the form of “Knock”. The good news is that unlike Sesame, Knock is not an external device but rather an iOS app that allows the user to knock on their phone a couple of times to unlock their Mac computer. Similar to Sesame, Knock will rely on Bluetooth 4.0 LE to pair your phone with your Mac and as it stands, it is only available for iOS devices and Mac computers. It’s a pretty cool feature and if you’re trying to do away with having to type passwords all the time, but still want to secure your Mac computer when you step away to the bathroom or attend to a call, perhaps Knock is an app for iOS and Mac worth checking out.


The Mac app is free for download, but to get the accompanying app for your iPhone will set you back $3.99. According to Knock’s website, it seems that a Windows version of the app could be in the works but no word on a launch date just yet. If you’d like to see the app in app, check out the video above for the details!

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