One of the unique features of the LG G Flex is not only its curved display, but the fact that LG has advertised that the phone comes with self-healing powers in which scratches made to the back of the phone will be able to heal itself and magically disappear, making it look as though your phone is brand new. While the technology behind this “magic” remains unknown for now, LG did clarify that this will only work with light scratches that might occur on a day-to-day basis, such as scratching against coins or keys in your pocket, as opposed to deep scratches that might be the result of a drop on the pavement.

In any case we initially had no idea of what to expect, especially since LG reps did not actually allow anyone to try scratching the device during their hands-on preview, but they have since released a video that shows us how the self-healing powers of the phone might work. The video shows the phone being scratched repeatedly and after about 2 minutes of the scratching stopped, you can see that the back of the phone has returned to normal. How long it takes for it to heal will really depend on the severity of the scratch, but it’s still pretty cool anyway. If you have a minute or so to spare, you might want to check it out in the video above.

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