lg-g2-review-01We had recently heard the rumors that LG might be shifting their focus away from smartphones and moving it towards TVs instead. Given that LG had just announced a rather innovative and unique device in the form of the LG G Flex, this rumor seemed a little odd, but then again it’s pretty much LG’s business to do whatever they want to do, right? Well the good news for LG fans is that no, the South Korean tech company is not shifting its focus away from smartphones. This rumor seemed to have come about when it was suggested that Chinese companies have a better handle on things when it comes to the low-end market, and with companies such as Samsung dominating the high-end market, there would be little space left for LG.


According to a statement released by LG, “Reports of LG shifting its priorities away from smartphones are completely untrue. This is a rumor based on non-credible sources and uninformed speculation. We are more committed than ever that we will be a major player in the mobile space. But don’t just take our word on this, look at the products we’ve introduced this year as evidence of our commitment and capabilities.” So there you have it, it looks like fans of LG can rest assured that their favorite smartphone manufacturer isn’t going anywhere, at least for now.

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