morph-robotWill robots be able to take over the world eventually? Perhaps, or perhaps not. Well, here we are with Morphs, which are robotic and geometric sculptures which can control their own movements, all the while adapting to a variety of surroundings and reshaping the way humans think when it comes to architecture. Morphs happen to be solar-powered mechanical creatures which can also crawl between different locations, where they are able to self-assemble so that they can achieve a level of interactivity with humans.


According to Morph creator William Bondin, he made use of his background in architecture in order to explore just how social dialogue is able to be inspired by structures. Apart from that, he also threw in robotic capability in order to offer these movable structures a certain level o intelligence. Bondin described the Morphs this way, “Morphs are very low-level creatures in terms of computation, and have much less computational ability than a mobile phone. Instead, they rely on their environments in order to display a level of self autonomy. These playful robotic creatures will encourage the public to choreograph them into dance routines, assemble them into complex sculptural geometries or else play music at them, which they will play back over time.”

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