killzone-mercenarySo, the dust of next generation console launches has already fallen, and it is now a race between two thoroughbreds – the Xbox One as well as the Sony PS4, to see just which particular console between the two would come up tops in a few years’ time. I do, of course, expect this to be an extremely tight race to begin with, and here is some word on Killzone Mercenary that will be on the receiving end of several updates in the months to come. First of all, Update 3 would introduce minimal changes, but it is extremely important since this is one patch that would do its bit to drop the size of the other patches. For instance, once you have installed the Update 3 patch, it will be able to free up approximately 800MB of storage space for those who have already Updates 1 and 2 installed on their machine. Patience is the keyword here, as Update 3 ought to be ready to kick off in the weeks to come.

As for Update 4 which is due in January next year, it has been designed in order to improve Matching, all the while to help in reducing join-game connectivity problems, not to mention throwing in an auto team-rebalancing feature. As for the Big Kahuna, that would be Update 5 that will introduce a couple of new multiplayer maps without requiring you to fork out a single cent, not to mention rolling out offline Botzone for Mercenary and Guerrilla Warfare modes.

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