Killzone Shadow Fall is a popular title for Sony’s next generation console, the PlayStation 4. Folks who play this game will no doubt be excited to hear that two new multiplayer maps have been released for this title. The best part is that both new maps are available at absolutely no cost to players. The new maps follow the release of a “comedic” multiplayer executive pack, which came out last week. These new maps are called The Terminal and Stormgracht.

Set inside the partition wall on the New Helghan area of No Man’s Land, The Terminal is a building that’s used both as a defense facility and a prison which is connected by railway systems. This multi-tiered map with paths and narrow walkways will challenge a players’ navigation skills the most.

Stormgracht is essentially a dump which has man-made reservoirs that can spill out at any moment. The raging water from the reservoirs destroys everyone and everything in its path. It is located in the toxic area of New Helghan. Players can navigate through tunnels and pipes whereas the main channel of Stormgracht is relatively open. Players will have to keep changing their style in order to get through this map.

Both new maps for Killzone Shadow Fall are now available for download from the PS4 PlayStation Store absolutely free.

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