killzone-insurgentKillzone Shadow Fall gamers, take note – today would be the day that the Insurgent Pack is made available, making this the first major multiplayer expansion pack for the title. Of course, the name of this particular pack gives the game away when it comes to the new Insurgent character class, where gamers ought to be able to enjoy a slew of new content when indulging in the Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer experience.

The Insurgent would be a brand new multiplayer class that will boast of a couple of unique abilities, namely Steal and Hack. The former would let you swipe weapons and abilities from those who are down, although the use of stolen abilities is limited. As for the Hack ability, one is able to change enemy ground automata into friendlies, which might come in handy to balance the odds or even swing them in your favor.

Other than that, the Assault, Support and Scout classes too, would be on the receiving end of additional abilities for a more balance gameplay overall. Another slew of weapons have also been introduced for the Scout, Assault and Support classes, and when these weapons are dropped, other players will be able to use them as well. [Press Release]

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