killzone-shadow-fallThere are times when companies accidentally list products for sale at extremely discount prices. This is either a snafu in the system or someone keyed in the wrong price, but safe to say there are many who are more than happy to take advantage of someone else’s mistake.

Well a recent hiccup happened with Killzone: Shadow Fall where users who bought the Mercenary Playercard Icon Pack were pleased to discover that the a full digital version of the game was delivered alongside it.

For those unfamiliar, the Icon Pack was priced at 85p (this was in the UK, we’re not sure if this mistake was found in other PlayStation Stores around the world), meaning that gamers essentially bought themselves a full version of the game for a very tiny fraction of the original price.

However it seems that Sony has caught on and anyone trying to purchase the Icon Pack will be met with an error message claiming that they are ineligible to purchase the item. Now it is unclear what Sony will be doing for those who did buy the game for 85p. Will they be removing the game from their accounts or will they let them keep it?

We have seen in the past where companies have been gracious enough to allow sales to proceed even if they were bought at wrong prices, but at the same time we have seen companies flat out refuse to honor the sale as it was not the original price they had intended. Sony has yet to respond, but what do you think their course of action will be?

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