ocz-chap11OCZ is a pretty popular name for those who love high end parts in their DIY desktops, but today is a rather sad day for the company that has introduced some impressive peripherals in the past. In fact, OCZ has not been on steady waters for quite some time now, having quit the DRAM business in order to focus on SSDs alone in 2011, but sad to say, OCZ has just filed for bankruptcy. Is there hope for the company to carry on, except that it will be under a whole new owner? The answer would be yes, as they have recently picked up an offer from Toshiba Corporation in order to acquire just about all of OCZ’s assets in a bankruptcy proceeding.

Of course, this particular offer from Toshiba would be in good standing only if OCZ manages to maintain its value as a company in the meantime. This is a particularly sad ending for a company which was once associated with blazing fast RAM modules as well as SSDs, but something tells us that their technology will still have descendants down the road through other routes. Hopefully there will be a budding “OCZ” somewhere down the horizon to continue carrying the flame, no? [Press Release]

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