ouya-whiteWhen elephants tussle against one another, it would be the mousedeer that gets killed right in the middle of it all, or so goes a proverb from one of the South East Asian countries in the local lingo. Well, we do know that the Sony PS4 has just debuted, where it managed to sell over a million units in 24 hours, while the Xbox One from Microsoft is all set to hit stores later this week as part of the next generation console scene, so is there any more room for another player to make an impact? Ouya is not going to be part of the next generation console scene, but rather, it targets those who love gaming on the Android platform. This time around, Ouya’s latest outing arrives in a refreshed hardware form factor, where the internal storage has been doubled to touch 16GB from its predecessor, while arriving in an all white case to boot.

Ouya has placed this console open for pre-orders at $129.99 a pop, making it $30 more expensive than the 8GB model which was first launched in June earlier this year. Should you place an order before December 8th, you ought to be able to check it out by the time Christmas arrives at your doorstep. The white limited edition model seems available only in North America, but fret not, those living outside of that region will still be able to take advantage of Ouya’s most recent software update which will be released later this month, that will offer USB storage support amongst a slew of other features. [Product Page]

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