screen568x5683D printing seems to be all the rage these days, but lest we go overboard, let’s not forget that 2D printing, or regular printing if you will, is still around and still in great demand, especially when you are able to print out a paper keyboard for your iPhone that actually works! Keyboard accessories for iOS devices tend to be expensive and bulky, but here’s a keyboard that you can actually fold up and put in your wallet and bring it with you on the go! This is thanks to Gyorgyi Kereke’s new Paper Keyboard app that takes advantage of the iPhone’s front facing camera to map and detect where your fingers are at and type out the appropriate letters/numbers/characters accordingly.

All it takes is for the user to print out a specially designed keyboard on a regular sheet of paper, and place the iPhone at the correct spot as indicated on the paper, fire up the app, and you’re good to go! Now we haven’t tried it out for ourselves yet so we can’t attest to its accuracy or speed, but given that the app is free for download via the iTunes App Store, and we assume that you can access a printer without too much trouble, it won’t cost you anything (maybe printing fees) to take it for a spin. Pretty cool, huh?

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