When you’re lucky enough to have friends who actually go over to your house for a get together, music can be an integral part of the experience. Nothing gets the party started like a mix of today’s hits on Pandora. But what if you didn’t have anyone over and wanted to experience a Pandora-like service for pornography? The PornIQ is probably what you’ve been searching years for.

PornIQ is indeed calling itself the Pandora for online streaming Internet pornography. The way it works is you give PornIQ what you’re currently in the mood for, which for the sake of this story, let’s go with “Family Friendly.” You’ll then be able to view pornography that has been tagged with that category, similar to what you’ve probably experienced with Pandora, Spotify Radio, Rdio or iTunes Radio.

When you first access PornIQ, you’ll be given five categories to choose from. Don’t like the selection? Simply refresh and PornIQ will give you more categories to choose from. Once you’re satisfied with a category, PornIQ then asks how much time you have to view the adult material. You’re then given more specific categories related to the parent category, which will hopefully allow you to find exactly what you’re in the mood for.

Just in case, you should only access PornIQ if you’re allowed to view such material in your region. Also, you should probably not head over to the website if you live in a work environment that frowns on NSFW material.

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