prem-watsa-fairfaxWith Fairfax Financial Holdings investing and injecting $1 billion into BlackBerry and appointing a new CEO, it almost feels like the Canadian company has gotten a new lease on life, just like how Nokia got a new lease on life when Stephen Elop stepped in and bet the farm on Windows Phone. While Nokia appears to be doing relatively well at the moment, market share notwithstanding, will BlackBerry be able to enjoy similar success, or at least a turnaround, as well? Fairfax CEO, Prem Watsa, seems to think so and in an interview with Bloomberg expressed his belief and confidence that BlackBerry will experience a turnaround in a year to a year and half’s time.

Speaking in the interview, Watsa was quoted as saying, “We went with the idea that the next three or four or six quarters are going to be tough […] We expect the cash to stabilize somewhere there and then pick up — and finance it with enough cash to give us a long runway.” Will his predictions come true? We guess that remains to be seen, but at least for now BlackBerry is still afloat and with the company expected to continue their focus on handsets, perhaps things will pick up in time. What do you guys think? Will we see BlackBerry turnaround come 2014/2015?

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