touchscreen-diamond-touchAccording to a rumor we had heard recently, Apple was supposedly working on a couple of new iPhones that would launch next year. Not only will these two devices sport noticeably larger displays, but were rumored to have a pressure-sensitive touchscreen as well that would react depending on how hard the user is pressing down on its display. We can only imagine the possibilities that will come with this technology and while those claims did sound a tad farfetched, perhaps it might not be, at least according to a recent Apple patent discovered by the folks at AppleInsider.

According to the discovered patent filed by Apple, it describes a touchscreen display which will perform different types of functions depending on how hard users press down on the screen. At this point in time we’re not sure what sort of functions might be a result of this, but it’s still nice to imagine anyway. The patent also talks about how the touchscreen has been “operatively coupled to an actuator”, which gives us an idea of how the technology might be implemented in future iOS devices. Will this particular patent be made a reality? It’s hard to say but what do you guys think? What sort of cool ideas do you have for a pressure-sensitive touchscreen display?

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