Sony has announced that starting today, users can add funds to their Sony Entertainment Network wallet through PS3 PlayStation Store which now supports PayPal. PayPal integration was initially introduced in January earlier this year, but back then the Sony Entertainment Network wallet could only be funded through PayPal via the web. Only recently Sony added the option to add funds to the wallet through mobile devices, using the Mobile Billing option. PayPal support in PS3 PlayStation Store will now make it much more easier, and faster, to fund the wallet through the console itself.

Gamers who are concerned about the security of their payment details will be satisfied with the inclusion of PayPal. Who can forget the PlayStation Network breach back in 2011 which saw personal information of millions of users being leaked, PayPal support adds an additional level of security in this regard. To add funds to the Sony Entertainment Network wallet through PS3, all users have to do is click “Add Funds” when checking out from the cart on PlayStation Store. Clicking on “PayPal” will allow them to transfer any amount from $5 to $150, which is the maximum balance the wallet can hold. The wallet can be used to purchase a number of things from the PlayStation Store, such as movies, TV episodes, PS3 games and more.

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