instagram-rlInstagram is undoubtedly one of the more popular apps around these days, with its users using the app to snap photos, apply filters, adding hash tags, and sharing them on Facebook and Instagram’s own network. But what if Instagram were brought to real life? As in we could see the filters physically, as opposed to through the app itself? Well that’s what Brazilian artist Bruno Ribeiro has done, which is taking a cardboard cutout meant to look like Instagram (as pictured above), and placing them all around London’s more touristy areas for a project he’s calling “Real Life Instagrams”.

While the filters aren’t strictly Instagram filters, we suppose Instagram users should be able to get the point. Unsurprisingly many visitors, along with residents of London, have been taking photos through these Instagram filters, which we can only assume will then be applied with more Instagram filters and then uploaded onto Instagram itself. Talking about an Instagram-ception! In any case it’s still a pretty awesome idea and if you’d like to check out more of Bruno Ribeiro’s work, hit up his Instagram account for more photos! So, anyone in London come across these Real Life Instagram installations yet?

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