samsung-display-foldisplayRemember the other day we reported that Samsung would be introducing devices with foldable displays come 2015? Samsung had also shown off some concept images of what a device with a foldable display could look like, and as it turns out, those concepts were more real than we had imagined. According to a report by The Wall Street Journal, they claim that there were a select handful of investors who managed to get a glimpse of some prototypes of devices with foldable displays, albeit behind closed doors where reports and journalists were not allowed to enter or take photographs of.

According to one analyst, Jae H. Lee of Daiwa Securities, one of the prototypes was around the size of the Galaxy S3 and could be folded in half from top to bottom. Another prototype device described as a tablet-like device that when folded was the size of a wallet, but when unfolded managed to take on the size and shape of a tablet. The latter is particularly interesting, especially if users want to bring their tablets with them but want a more convenient way of carrying them around. Assuming Samsung keeps to their time table, 2015 will most definitely be an exciting year for everybody.

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