There was a time when a clear line existed between a tablet and a smartphone, but that line has long been erased, courtesy of a phenomenon commonly known as the “phablet.” The phablet is basically a device that has a large screen, larger than a conventional smartphone and smaller than a conventional 7 inch tablet. Quite a lot of people out there don’t like the term phablet, and if that makes you cringe, Samsung’s got something even more cringe-worthy for you. The company has been trying to make “fonblet” a thing, what we refer to as a phablet, it referred to as a fonblet today at its Analyst Day in South Korea.

The term fonblet has been used by Samsung CEO JK Shin multiple times today during his presentation, a few slides have been leaked online as well detailing the company’s use of this new word. Samsung’s description of a fonblet is a device that has a large display, is portable and has handwriting support. Such devices used to be called PDAs in the past, but apparently that moniker just doesn’t cut it anymore. Many online news outlets have picked up this new word but the consensus seems be that Samsung should just stop trying to make fonblet a thing. What do you think?

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