The PlayStation 4 is just a little over a week from being released, which means those who pick up Sony’s next-generation console will most likely be putting their PlayStation 3 out to pasture to either be put in a not-so popular part of their home, or even traded in towards the purchase of a new console. Today, Sony shines its light on the PlayStation 3 and just how well it’s done through its life as a total of 80 million units have been sold around the world.

The PlayStation 3 reached 80 million units sold nearly seven years later from its original launch date as Sony reports the number was reached on November 2, 2013. Through the PlayStation 3’s life, a total of 4,332 titles were released for the console, which also includes downloadable titles. Sony says over 300 new titles are expected to be released during this year’s holiday season, leaving many who plan to still play on their PlayStation 3 much to look forward to in the coming months.

Through the PlayStation 3’s life cycle, it has gone through some major changes as Sony droppped support for PlayStation 2 games soon after the console’s initial release in order to help make it thinner. Apps like Netflix have also made the PlayStation 3 an easy-to-use set-top box that can stream movies and TV shows at a moment’s notice.

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