the-last-of-us-demoWhen it comes to video games being turned into movies, it is not often that blockbusters arrive on the silver screen. Rather, it is more or less the case of the movie bombing, while the game itself continues to make tons of money. Remember Mortal Kombat? How about Super Mario Bros.? Even Mario’s widespread appeal could not prevent a box office bomb. Well, Sony does have a pretty decent movie studio, and their forays into Spiderman have proven to be rather lucrative in the past, so they might be casting an eye on turning video games into movies as well. We have seen the Need for Speed trailer before, and before you know it, Sony has been seen registering the domain name for The Last Of Us. is now under the care of Sony, which would no doubt spark off plenty of speculation that there is a film version of the extremely cinematic PS3 exclusive coming our way. Of course, it might just be a purchase made on the defensive front for all you know, but I would like to think that Sony has a bunch of far more viable money making plans than this down the road. What do you think?

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