steve-wozniak-windows-phoneBoth Apple and Google are rivals as far as mobile operating systems are concerned. Apple has iOS, which is selling well in its own right, while Google has Android which is very clearly dominating the smartphone market at the moment, but imagine if Apple and Google were to team up? Wouldn’t that create some kind of super smartphone where hardware and software would be near-perfect? While we doubt that will be happening anytime soon, Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak, thinks that both companies should work together.


Speaking during BBC’s Click program, Wozniak was quoted as saying, “I wish to God that Apple and Google were partners in the future.” Wozniak also seems to advocate the idea of cross-licensing and sharing technology, which is what companies aren’t doing at the moment, especially with each company guarding their technology so tightly where they are suing each other left and right just to edge out the competition. All of this sounds like an ideal situation, an ideal matchup, and perhaps the tech’s “dream team” (or dream company), but what do you guys think? Would you love to see Apple and Google team up to create super smartphones? Or do you like the distinction between iOS and Android, and that competition is a healthy thing?

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