Information regarding Nintendo’s upcoming Super Smash Bros. for both the Wii U and the 3DS has been trickling in over the past couple of months as we’ve heard of new characters being added to the game’s roster on an infrequent basis. The last bit of news we heard regarding Super Smash Bros. was the addition of Marth, and today, Nintendo has confirmed a Super Mario Galaxy stage will be available.

Super Smash Bros. game director Masahiro Sakurai announced the inclusion of the Super Mario Galaxy stage by way of the Nintendo Miiverse. According to Sakurai-san, the Super Mario Galaxy stage will include gameplay that will be based on gravitational pulls. “The pull of gravity emanates from the center of the planet, so this will require using brand-new tactics,” he wrote. Sakurai-san also offered a glimpse at the Super Mario Galaxy-inspired stage, which we’re sure many of you are already imagining ways of beating the snot out of your opponents using gravity.

Super Smash Bros. currently doesn’t have a release date for either the Wii U or 3DS, although we can’t image the game releasing beyond 2014. Either way, we’ll continue keeping a close eye on what Nintendo announces for the title all the way up until it’s finally in the hands of Wii U and 3DS owners.

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