appstore-clickIt is every intention of any parent to want to see their little one grow up and succeed in life, and I guess that the same can be said for any software or hardware company to see their apps and devices be hugely successful on the market. Well, Google for one, has every intention to see Chrome apps fly, and the Internet search giant has done its fair bit in the past by throwing in better notifications, in-app payments for that added touch of convenience, and an app launcher in the browser, among others. The latest which we have heard is this – Google is looking to work on a way for the curious to try out Web Store apps without the need for any installation.

A couple of separate components are involved here, where ephemeral apps would allow you to give a Chrome app a go prior to installation, while linkable ephemeral apps would let you launch those apps directly from a hyperlink, now how about that? This would certainly make life a whole lot easier for those who do not want to go through messy installation procedures for sure. After all, only if you really want that particular app badly after giving it a go, do you go right ahead and install it for sure.

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